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Prisco Haus

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81675 München


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Berlin Showroom

775 Washington St.

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Berlin Showroom

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PERRET SCHAAD stands for curiosity and the interest in individual definitions of beauty. Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad combine their ideas and love for experimentation in a line focused on quality and eloquence. Their approach is defined by respect for traditional handcraft and technique along with an irrepressible desire to redefine the rules.

The duo’s love for pattern cutting and their passion for draping are fundamental to PERRET SCHAAD’s aesthetics. Their intuitive design process brings together fluidity and movement with the sculptural, spatial. Structures are generated from distinctive color combinations and material layering.

PERRET SCHAAD’s obsession with contrast and harmony results in a coming together of the finest natural fabrics and innovative technical surfaces.

The palette is subtle and surprising; the look discrete yet new.

Spring / Summer 2014

Look 1

Lino — Dress


Look 2

Mourad — Top 


Cédric — Skirt


Otto — Bag


Look 3

Felipe — Dress  

Look 4

Norbert  — Blouse 


Silvio — Skirt

Look 5

Johan — Top


Joseph — Shorts

Look 6

Lauro — Dress 


James — Coat 

Look 7

Axel — Vest


Lasse — Skirt 

Look 8

Sergio — Top


Denis — Trousers


Tu — Clutch 

Look 9

Mourad — Top  


Kay — Trousers 


Tu — Clutch


Look 10

Olafur — Coat 


Winston — Top


Remy — Skirt 


Look 11

Mauricio — Dress 


Tino — Bag 

Look 12

Olafur — Coat 


Frank — Dress


Otto — Bag 


Look 13

Sebastiano — Dress

Look 14

Rachid — Top 


Benoit — Skirt


Look 15

Ulf — Bomber 


Lorenz — Top


Emil — Shorts


Look 16

Said — Blouse


Remy — Skirt 

Look 17

Roderig — Blouse


Emil — Shorts 

Look 18

Winston — Top 


Heinz — Skirt 

Look 19

Claas — Dress 

Look 20

Lino — Dress



Look 21

Herman — Top


Joseph — Shorts


Tino — Bag


Look 22

Lennard — Jacket 


Ruwen — Blouse


Benoit — Skirt


Look 23

Chawa — Dress 

Look 24

Arnaud — Top


Denis — Trousers

Look 25

Regis — Dress 


Karoline Schuch

The actress Karoline Schuch looking beautiful in SS2014 nude version of Arnaud.


“Perret Schaad SS2015. Der “ sommerliche Chic der französischen Riviera und die kontrastreiche Stimmung am Meer mit gleißendem Mittagslicht und einer angenehmen kühlen Brise” prägten die Atmosphäre der Show … Gürtel und Knoten erinnerten an After-Beach-Outfits, die aber so elegant umgesetzt waren, dass sie auch im Büro funktionieren.”

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Aino Laberenz and Fritzi Haberlandt
Stage designer Aino Laberenz and actress Fritzi Haberlandt during the SS2015 Perret Schaad Show. Aino is wearing a mint version of Arnaud while Fritzi is wearing the just released dark blue version of Frank, both now also available in our online shop.

“ Die Location scheint wie auf die Knoten abgestimmt. Im Wind heben und senken sich die Seidenstoffe und entwickeln ein Eigenleben”

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Adhering to the highest standards not only in cuts and fits, PERRET SCHAAD garments are made out of highest quality materials sourced from Italian, German and Swiss  textile manufacturers.

In order to create a contemporary look but also a wardrobe of favorite pieces that both travel well and last long, PERRET SCHAAD not only sources its cottons, wools and silks according to looks and feel, but also by their durability.

In order to be able to overlook the manufacturing process, all Perret Schaad garments and leather goods are produced in Germany with a small number of master craftswomen and craftsmen the company holds in highest regard for their knowledge and skill.



Ulf Haines
Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 9
10178 Berlin, Germany



Mulackstr. 28
10119 Berlin, Germany



Bikini Berlin, Budapester Straße 38-50
10787 Berlin, Germany



Marianne Strahlendorff
Waitzstr. 12
22607 Hamburg, Germany


St. Peterstrasse 20
8001 Zürich, Switzerland



Bederke Finest Fabrics
Im Luitpoldblock Salvatorplatz 4
80333 Munich, Germany



Hildegardstr. 2
80539 Munich, Germany



Münch Mode
Hauptstrasse 19
82319 Starnberg, Germany


Moda Operandi
coming soon August 14. 2014









Perret Schaad
Greifenhagenerstr. 17
10437 Berlin





Company information

Perret Schaad is registered as: “Gemeinschaft Burgerlichen Rechts” (GbR)


Art Direction:
Belgrad Creative

Photography S2014:
Lea Nielsen

Photography Looks SS2014:
Frazer Harrison
Getty Images

Images shot on location in Sao Paulo and Berlin

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